Ongoing Basis

We realize that many of your projects are going to be unique and require two modes of thinking: innovative and entrepreneurial. We help your teams solidify the vision and deliver stronger, impactful roadmaps for success. We ease the burden of recruiting the right minds for your project by finding the talent to bring your idea to life.

We consult on a range of projects from:

  • event activations

  • conference sessions

  • product design

  • leadership retreats / training

  • innovation concepts including research, ideation, design, prototyping, and piloting



Fall / Spring

Our workshops are designed with intention, openness, and safety to help any audience learn about design thinking tools to awaken our ideas and critical thinking.

We have designed new content based on existing concepts to aid our clients and their audiences to understand, connect, and adopt these tools.

Our Design Thinking activities:

  • Team Storytelling - How to do ice-breakers where people laugh and connect

  • Affinity Mapping - How to reveal new patterns

  • First Glance - How to understand our bias and judgements

  • Forces of Change - How to reveal influences on your idea

  • Frankenstein Test - How to test the strength of your product/team

  • Patterns of Happiness - How to tap into motivation from the human perspective

  • Cultural Dimensions - How to reveal how we hold culture, identity, and how it impacts our productivity


Project Basis

We know that whether you're leading a smart city initiative or you're wanting to level up your community engagement, our hackathon-in-a-box product is everything you could need to get started.

We offer consulting, trainings, and custom-designed templates to get you off the ground. 

Templates include: 

  • Strategic Plan

  • Tools & Software Recommendations

  • Sponsorship Deck

  • Promotional Flyer

  • Email Campaign

  • Communication Plan

  • Press Release and Press Conference Logistics

  • Resource Plan

  • Judging Rubric

  • Documentation Roadmap

  • Event Roles & Responsibilities

  • Gantt Chart



Event Basis

We are so excited to hear about your upcoming event. We would be honored for the opportunity to share our thoughts and experience on the following topics:

  • Innovation

  • Civic Hacking

  • Hackathons

  • Digital Inclusion

  • Community Organizing

  • Women Empowerment

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Diversity