The Beginning



Sarah Sharif, Founder of Experimental Civics, achieved incredible success leading communities in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma to fight for Clean Air when she worked for Sierra Club from 2013-2015.


Sarah assumed two positions (IT PM & Director of ATX Hack for Change) within Information Technology at St. Edward’s University, where she bridged the large gaps between technology, communities, education, nonprofits, and human-centered design from 2015-2018.



Design Thinking / Ideation

Problem-solving needed to be catapulted in a refreshing direction. Sarah completed Design Thinking workshops at Harvard, attended countless social innovation sessions from NYU Stern to SXSW, and began to craft her own magical style for success.


After years of developing her method of madness to help clients, organizations, and followers extract ideas and bring them to life, Sarah launched Experimental Civics in May 2017 to reach higher limits.




Sarah decided to launch programs through Experimental Civics where she could lead the charge more effectively to produce profitable solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Life Sci Hack is focused on tackling everything from public health, telemedicine, drug discovery, to life science education. Capsule is a Guinness World Record event for our climate crisis.

The Future

Dream Big

Sarah and her teams at Experimental Civics, Life Sci Hack, and Capsule have dreams to expand their services and events to South America, Australia, Africa, and South Asia.